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JAW - What Future Are You Studying For?

As I had created the zine, documentary and project as a whole, I also need a strong social media presence to pair with it. This was important as one of the main outlets for marketing the product and feature, so this meant that I needed the Instagram page to reflect the tone and subject of the brand creatively. Achieving this through various different mediums of photography based posts, illustrations, motion graphics, Spotify playlists and promotional videos. This was effective in capturing my target audience with the different multimedia forms to keep them engaged in the subject matter but also achieved the style and aesthetic of the brand. By sticking to the ethos of the brand of being informative and knowledge-based whilst being a provocative and creative, fun platform.

JAW Trailer

JAW - BTS Video


Hillcrest House was a short drama film about two siblings who reconnect after 12 years, navigating the death of their father but not all is as it seems.
My role in this production was marketing specialist, the key aspects of the role were maintaining a captivating social media presence and creating all the marketing materials for the film. So, this meant I created and designed all the posters, Instagram posts, promotional videos and EPK.

BTS Film 

BTS Interview

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