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This is a series of portraits I have taken over the course of several years, learning and expanding my practise and skills on a multitude of cameras and equipment, here are some of my favourite and best pieces.

Climate Action March
Jan 2021

A series of photos captured in London at a Climate Action march in January 2021. This was a surreal moment for not only me but the photography, to capture the emotion and atmosphere of the protest, to really see what the crowd is trying to say and feel it through the pictures can only give a sense of what it was like to be there and believe so passionately in what you are there for.

Candid Gig - 
November 2019

These shots capture the intimate setting and experience of this gig, showing the raw emotion and intense feeling the band express when playing. As you don't need to hear them or the lyrics to see this, working with the lighting produced the photos show the band's intense, engaging charisma, which captivates their audience.
Through the photos, you can see how the band work and listen to each other as they play to give their signature sound. 


Series of shots were captured at several different locations from all over, Europe to New York.

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