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Freelance Graphic Designer

CLÆP VISIONS · Freelance ·
Oct 2021 · 1 mo


EXIT LOVE edgy christmas lights
EXIT LOVE edgy christmas boxes


JAW is an art-house company I curated for my dissertation, to be an ongoing project. The main output of the company is a weekly zine and documentary. I created the entirety of the website, zine, documentary along with social media platforms. the photography, design and full creative direction are of my own skill, teaching and learning; creating branding that is entertaining, creative and unique. A passion project that I wanted to create, a brand that presented real issues about range of topics. Therefore, I created the first issue on climate change as this only seemed like an appropriate topic to start, as many people of this generation find this an important topic with great interest as a lot of relevant discourse has brought this topic to the helm of this decade.

Hillcrest House

Hillcrest House - A short drama film about two siblings who are navigating the death of their father, after 12 years of being estranged. My role in this production was marketing and PR, this meant I was in charge of all the aspects of this. The key aspect of this is role was creating the marketing materials for the film – pre-and post-production. This meant creating an established social media presence and teaser materials that were exciting and captivating. I read the script and coordinated with the relevant personnel the direction and tone of the film so that it could then be reflected appropriately in the material. This can be seen in my design of the material – from how I capture it in my photography to the typography, in the both teaser posters and the overall tone of all the marketing materials to keep it on brand.
main poster 2
teaser poster 2
teaser poster 1
main poster 1


Graphic Designer

Combating Poverty with Music (CPXM) · Freelance

Jul 2019 - Aug 2019 · 2 mos

kirsty poster 3.jpg

CPXM – Combating Poverty with Music a charity event. The client asked me to produce the marketing materials for the event, the materials would be widely used across social media platforms to raise awareness of the event and to attract people to go.

cpxm kirsty logo.jpg

Since the bands that were playing were all indie/ rock bands and with the venue being The Joiners an intimate grungey live music venue. It seemed only fitting for the client to ask for a 90s-grunge aesthetic, working closely with the client I achieved what she asked for with the design of the pieces. Starting with the dark textured background of the piece reminiscent of the 90s and post revival 2010s goth/ emo DIY aesthetic; paired with the typewriter typography to match this. This would go on to attract the target audience in full effect to a sold-out show. 

kirsty poster plain.jpg
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