From Birmingham, I am currently a freelance photographer, graphic designer and social media specialist. I am very knowledgeable of photography cameras and lighting equipment this means that I can achieve a desired creative outcome for a client. In regards to photography my work is mostly urban photography, I also take portraits, have done gig

photography and recently shot conceptual photography.

I also have exceptional skills in adobe creative suite. I have created a multitude work in the area of graphic design and have recently been developing a personal project, of a magazine and documentary. I have also created graphic design marketing content for a film, Hillcrest House. Furthermore, I have been commissioned by Kirsteen Ross for the CPXM event. I also have created a multiple branding projects across social media.

I am passionate about expository documentaries, as despite being factual these projects can be the most creative for graphic design and conceptual photography. I prefer to work with a style that is bold and unique, something non -traditional and outside of the box. The particular camera I use for photography is a Canon 70D, I also prefer to use adobe software, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Light room, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I am also passionate about subject matters that explore society and the wider world in order to educate.